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01 about

Welcome to my site! I'm Andrea Szakos, I live in Budapest. My first profession was musician, pianist. It was limited to creativity. I had a dream of being an interior designer like a fine artist. I made my dream come true, learned a lot and changed my life. Since 2004 I am interior designer  with unlimited possibilities. I am passionate about my work! We have our own showroom, such as Agent Farrow & Ball. I work with colors as my best staff. I love the simple, elegant timeless design, I love the natural materials and playing with the lights like a classical music. Always in harmony, in balance. Design is always tailored to individuality. I give an artistic touch!


02 works


03 services

-Colour consultancy with Farrow&Ball palette

-Interior design plan for entire properties - including lighting, tiling, customized furnitures, furnishing, curtains, wallcoverings...

-3D visualizations

-Project managing


All services are for residential and commercial properties too

Main partners: 

Farrow&Ball * Sicis * Phillip Jeffries * James Malone Fabrics * Szauer Parkett * Bauwerk Colours * Argile Peintures * Fab Color Hungary

-3D visualizations: Marouane Okba / MarokStudio

-interior photos: Palkó György  Jaksa Bálint   Visontai Márton


04 contact

Andrea Szakos

I am the lead designer,

artist manager,

colour consultant

andrea @ naturaliiconcept . hu

Tel: +3670 3622658

1054 Budapest, Báthory utca 15. 

Naturalii Concept Store 

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